April 21, 2005

Franco Freshy Corporate & Event Catering is an all-occasions full-service catering and event planning company. Serving the corporate community since 1986, we cater more business meetings than any other full-service caterer within the City of Toronto and the surrounding areas.

Rob Corrado and Corr Vision have provided food styling and photography related services for various menu items, featured on our catering menus since January, 2004.

The most recent project in January and February of this year comprised individual sandwich and BBQ related photos, which we introduced in our 16 page, Spring 2005 menu. About 90,000 copies were printed. The menu was circulated by Canada Post to about 75,000 prospective customers. The same photography was also incorporated on our web site.

We are pleased with Rob’s photography and related services such as Photoshop editing. He is a team player and has worked well with our staff, our graphic artist and our printer. We particularly appreciate his professionalism and desire to get the job done just right.

Rob will continue to be a major part of our marketing program.

Please call me for additional comments.

Yours very truly,

Sam DeCaria

Rob Corrado is an accommodating, expert and invaluable photography resource. He has provided excellent and efficient service in executing photography assignments and digital imaging manipulations, as well as teaching photographic technique.

Rob Corrado is highly recommended.


R.G. Perrin, M.D.


Private One-on-One Training Lessons


Dear Robert,

Little did I know when I got my digital camera that even with the patience of Job, I’d never learn how to take decent pictures without some sort of extra help. Friends and family tried to demonstrate, but the information was confusing and just wouldn’t stick.

It was out of desperation that I thought to contact Henry’s for a digital camera lesson. What I experienced was an excellent program delivered clearly and simply by Rob Corrado, a patient, knowledgeable professional, to an audience that, like me, just wanted to take good pictures. I got an excellent base just in time for a holiday in England.

After experimenting for a while, I hired Robert for a private lesson, during which we reviewed what I’d done, and got into some jazzier editing functions. At this point I am actually comfortable with the bells and whistles and how to make them sing – and my friends and family are asking me how to do things. The best I can do is smile and pass them Robert’s phone number.

Thanks Robert, you’re a a real find!

Best wishes for continuing success, sincerely,

Barabara Frank

Reviews from Henry's School of Digital Imaging


Thank you for a great presentation – so relaxed and easy evening – technical information presented in a very simple and “zen” way. – Shauna

One of the most beneficial workshops I have ever taken – amazing! – Mariau

Instructor was very key to success of presentation and overall this was excellent and suitable for every level. He was also able to speak to both beginner and seasoned photographer. – Michelle

Rob is a natural teacher! – Ron

Excellent. Answered all my questions and increased my confidence/comfort level significantly. – Ann

Rob was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. An excellent instructor and credit to Henry’s! – Randy